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1530 Noble Road
P.O. Box 245
Williamston, MI 48895
P. 517.655.4351 / F. 517.655.5119

An Industry Leader Since 1967

R.N. FINK MANUFACTURING is an established manufacturer of blow molded products with 45 years of history providing excellent customer service supplying blow molded products to the Chemical, Household Products, Pool, Automotive, Point of Purchase, Office Equipment, Medical, Custom Machinery, Toy, and Food Industries.

American Made!
Unlike most suppliers in this Industry, R.N. Fink Manufacturing Company feels strongly about American Made Products and is committed to American manufacture in everything we buy and sell. You can rely in confidence that products purchased from our Company represent that philosophy. We make all of our products in the U.S.A. All raw materials purchased are of U.S. origin from U.S. manufacturers and the equipment and machinery used to produce our products are American made.